Motorized method

The motorized FUE method involves obtaining the material to be transplanted from the donor area with the help of a special medical device. The device is based on the operation of an electric motor and an electric perforator and allows to obtain up to 4,000 transplantable grafts in one procedure. This makes it possible to transplant more follicles over a larger area, reducing the need for a repeat procedure.

The use of the motorized method shortens the time of the transplant procedure and allows the specialist to avoid fatigue and the resulting errors. The client's time is also saved - the procedure takes several hours instead of the whole day.

Nowadays, as the diameter of the perforating tips of the device decreases, the risk of visible scars in the donor area after the procedure is also reduced. It should be noted that the number of mechanically damaged follicles thus obtained is slightly higher than with the manual grafting method.

The description was prepared by Dr. Aleksejs Nesterenko